These Times

Sitting on the couch this morning and reflecting how me and my husband’s life as well as the life of our boys has changed over the past week, has really hit home.

A week ago, I was driving over an hour 1 way to get to a job that, for the lack of finesse, was killing me. I did not believe that I could leave that position without having another position to go to. Less than a week later, I was not given a choice. Due to the virus that is making headlines around the world, I, like so many around me, lost my job. We have been forced to make changes. Changes that we did not want to have to make, but have to nonetheless. There is no stopping at the grocer on the way home from work anymore, no shopping on Amazon for anything other than absolute essentials, no driving unless completely necessary, including antique shopping☹.

There are a lot of no’s in our life right now.

However, (yes there is that word)However, we have so many maybes, and yes’!! We have the privilege of spending quality time with each other and our family that we did not have before. More time to appreciate the earth that has been entrusted to us. A lot more time to dig in the dirt and plant something and watch it grow. More time to clean house (who likes doing that)! More time to reflect on what is important and not so much on what is not.

I was reading a book this morning that was given to me by my Mother in Law, whom I dearly love, called Bible Promises to Treasure for Mom by Broadman and Holman Publishers.

On page 32, titled “Bless Your Children and Envision Their Future” it speaks of when Isaac blessed Jacob before he died. It caused me to take a moment and ask myself, “have I blessed my children as God intends for mothers to blessed their children?”

It is moments like these, I feel so blessed to have 2 wonderful young men who are strong in their devotion to our Father and do their best to live their life as He has commanded us to.

We all stumble at times. What I am trying to say is that I believe the position I was holding at the company I was with, was drawing me away from everything I hold dear in my life. Yes, the financial security was very nice, but it was very easy to forget the important little things in life.

It is the little things that make the big things possible.

Our new normal

As I journey further into the new normal, I will be keeping this blog to document our journey.

We have many solutions at our fingertips. If we just take the time to listen and learn, we will grow to be problem solvers.

The Country Chick with Solutions

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