Can I really make money with doTERRA?

Do you LOVE the idea of owning your own business?

Building something that matters, financial freedom, empowering others to live healthier live, discovering your own dreams – and turn them into reality. Sound exciting? Then read on!

I’ve been on an incredible journey with oils. They helped wake me up, get my life back, and start dreaming again. Honestly, an essential oil business was the last thing on my mind when I first began – I felt too miserable to even let it enter my brain. But as things improved and I was more like me again, friends and acquaintances sought me out wanting to know what had changed for me. 

I started helping them, answering questions, teaching – things I’ve always loved to do, and before long, a business was born. I’ve met the most amazing people. Some with chronic illnesses, some with other struggles, and some folks who enjoy living and promoting a healthy lifestyle. We form a versatile, wonderful, tight knit community of oil users and business builders. The Oil Adventure community is second to none for sure. 

Sounds amazing, but not sure where to begin?

Not to worry! You’ll have TONS of support available to you. It’ll be YOUR business, but you won’t be in it alone!

  • For Facebookers, there are private groups for product users, business builders, and periodic focus groups on topics like social media, biz launches, and more. 
  • Competitive? I regularly offer incentives for top enrollers, for loyalty customers, and more (as does our upline!)
  •  You’ll be part of our amazing oil community. I guarantee you won’t regret jumping in with an essential oil business

Is it worth it? Can I really make money at this? Is this legit?

Those are questions I often hear. The answers? Yes – you can invest a little time and get your oil order paid for fairly quickly – OR – you can jump in, put in more time, and grow a thriving, successful business that can replace or exceed your current income. (Yes, it’s legit….)

The sky’s the limit!!! doTERRA’s compensation plan is generous and designed to help you build long-term residual income. If financial stability is appealing to you, I’ll be glad to walk through the business opportunity with you one on one so you can see if it’s a good fit for you 

Affordable Start Up

Business start up costs are typically tens of thousands of dollars. With doTERRA you can get started for as little as $35 and approximately $150/month

Unlimited Potential

doTERRA has a multi-faceted compensation plan designed to offer you nearly unlimited earning potential. 

Work from Anywhere

A doTERRA business is flexible. Work from home, on the beach – wherever you’re at. Full time, part time and everywhere in between.

As someone dealing with a chronic illness, it’s been amazing to find a career that allows me the freedom and flexibility to take care of myself first and foremost. It’s simple to factor in rest time or to work with my feet up if I’m having a flare up. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy – but it’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done, and to be able to help take care of my family at the same time? Wouldn’t trade that for the world!

And it’s also simple and affordable to start YOUR business. You can Choose to start with this most popular doTERRA’s business starter set, or we can put a custom order together. Sign up as a Wellness Advocate, and I’ll help you plan your next steps. You can grow your business online, in person, or any combination that works for YOU. The beauty of a doTERRA business is that it doesn’t matter where you’re from, how old you are, what your passions are – you can create your own unique and thriving business